Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rey's Teachers

I have been asked many times who my teachers were. I've had many but if I had to make a list of the most influential teachers as far as art goes, they would all be from Art Center College of Design where I graduated from.
They are:

Burne Hogarth, at first crusty and loud,turned out to be a teddy bear with an amazing amount of knowledge and more amazing stamina. Our 9-4 class was exhausting but he kept going...and get the idea. I taught the same class after his death and made it my own ,that's when I came up with my method of teaching through the ecorche' sculpture.

Vern Wilson. Great drawing teacher, patient and one of the kindest men that I have ever met.

Harry Carmean. The wonderous wizard of drawing. I felt a kinship with his drawing may see evidence of the influence in my drawings.

Mark Strickland. Great intuitive draftsman and all from the heart. Great teacher

Lorrie Madden. Serious and intelligent, I learned so much about drawing from her,a great and dedicated teacher.

Richard Bunkall. He was such a sweet man and a great painter and teacher,he died much too young.

Dwight Harmon. He was so entertaining as a teacher,I really get a lot of my silliness from remembering that you can really be more effective when the students are laughing. He too died too young.

Rey Bustos to Teach at GNOMON!

Yes,it's true,I received the call October 2006 to teach my Ecorche'/Anatomy class there starting in January 2007. For those of you that may not know the Gnomon school,it is a highly respected animation and special effects school here in the SoCal area and I was honored to have been asked. It's now the fifth school/institution that I teach my beloved anatomy class. Gnomon will now join the list of places: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, L.A. Academy of Figurative Art in Van Nuys, Cal State University,Los Angeles, and Disney Feature Animation in Burbank and now Gnomon in Hollywood. They are hoping to get my IMAGINATOMY class that I created for the entertainment designers at ACCD,which is really getting well known, it's a rare and amazing class. Anyway,I am happy to join with the great folks at Gnomon. I get asked to teach all ever the world but I don't like fortunatley I have my home at the hub of everything..yes, life is sweet for Rey...the Anatomy Nut. Love and Marbles (marbles is prosperity in Reyspeak!), Rey Bustos