Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thanks Yariv...

Thank you for posting the statement about the show. It was the best art opening I have ever been to...I'm glad it was mine! We had a nice jazz combo playing and at one time I was handed the mic and I got the chance to talk about the importance of keeping the classical figure drawing and anatomical traditions of the past alive. I had many of my students,from the little ones shown in the picture on this blog,these kids I teach at their homes,to the "big kids" from Art Center,Cal State L.A., L,A, Academy of Figurative Art and even a few of the Disney pros that I teach were there so it was heartwarming for me to say the least. I am hoping,with Yariv's help,to have DVDs of the anatomical work that you see on my site available to all soon. Keep looking at my site for that bit of magic from the people at "REYCO". Toodle-loo, Rey


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