Friday, June 29, 2012

Ryan Kingslien teams up with Rey Bustos

The fabulous Z-Brush guru Ryan Kingslien and myself are in the process of creating my on-line class through his company,VISUALARIUM.   Here we are with one of our favorite models, Michael Wood.  I did a drawing of Michael's back for one of my class lectures.  We have been working hard but it will all be worth it and anyone buying the class will definitely get their money's worth.  I am putting my heart and soul into this project.  Pictured: Rey, Michael (the kid with no shirt...did I need to say that?) and Ryan by my blackboard and easel, June 2012.  The lower image is from July 2012.  I did a drawing from a Boucher (1703-70) as I explained the muscles, form development and strategy in drawing this particular piece.


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