Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rey's Teachers

I have been asked many times who my teachers were. I've had many but if I had to make a list of the most influential teachers as far as art goes, they would all be from Art Center College of Design where I graduated from.
They are:

Burne Hogarth, at first crusty and loud,turned out to be a teddy bear with an amazing amount of knowledge and more amazing stamina. Our 9-4 class was exhausting but he kept going...and get the idea. I taught the same class after his death and made it my own ,that's when I came up with my method of teaching through the ecorche' sculpture.

Vern Wilson. Great drawing teacher, patient and one of the kindest men that I have ever met.

Harry Carmean. The wonderous wizard of drawing. I felt a kinship with his drawing may see evidence of the influence in my drawings.

Mark Strickland. Great intuitive draftsman and all from the heart. Great teacher

Lorrie Madden. Serious and intelligent, I learned so much about drawing from her,a great and dedicated teacher.

Richard Bunkall. He was such a sweet man and a great painter and teacher,he died much too young.

Dwight Harmon. He was so entertaining as a teacher,I really get a lot of my silliness from remembering that you can really be more effective when the students are laughing. He too died too young.


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