Monday, December 26, 2005


Years ago,before there were computers in every home,yes,there was a time long ago when that was a fact kids...I drew many anatomical drawings with my trusty ball-point pen,EXCALIBER, for my many eager and wide-eyed students. Through the years I compiled a goodly amount of these drawings from my own photos of my favorite models or reference and had them side by side in a four inch thick binder. I simultaniously created my method of making an ecorche' so that my students could learn anatomy through 3D means using polymer clay. It's been an invaluable learning aid and fun to boot. Anywho, along enters this brilliant young man into my life. I met Yariv Newman at the cafeteria at the Art Center College of Design. He told me of magical things. Magical things created with a magic box. He took my humble little drawings,and cross faded them as well as filming my 3D ecorche's and voila,my site became an anatomical Disneyland! Now the magic will jump to dvd form. All anatomical drawings and ecorche's will get labeled and will be available to the public for all of you waiting for more. Yariv will be busy this year(2006) at the fictitious company I call REYCO,where all employees are sweet,happy and good looking and the sun is always rising over the soft rolling hills of MonteREY Hills. We will light up the anatomical education horizon and make all of this timeless and beautiful knowledge accessible and fun to learn from. So as I lay down my quill (get off the keyboard) I bid you a good day from REYCO and the green,green grass of MonteREY. Rey Bustos, CEO (Chief Executive Osteonut)


Blogger drawn said...

Hey Rey! Long time no see. Just checked out your it!
As a former student ('99), I was glad to see your recent work. You're a genius! Are you living in Monterey??

8:01 PM  
Blogger reybustos said...

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Blogger reybustos said...

Wow "Drawn Together", what a nice tell me who you are! '99 was a good year,it was my second year teaching at ACCD. If you want to send a note to me send it to the email address on my if you want to tell me who you are in private. I trust that you are doing well and please write again. Rey

10:32 PM  
Blogger reybustos said...

By the way "Drawn". I live in Monterey Hills(in L.A.) not Monterey up north. keep in touch and please let others know of my site. I will try to make it better with the help of my genius business partner/designer Yariv Newman.

10:34 PM  
Blogger reybustos said...

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Blogger reybustos said...

I'm no longer having Yariv Newman do anything for me so I don't know if I'll ever have anything to show in DVD form. It's sad but it's hard to find someone that I can trust to do this important life's work. If anyone knows how to make DVDs of my antomy work please contact me. I just need to have things labeled and the rotating ecorche's that are on my web site to be labeled as well. Rey

5:26 PM  

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