Monday, December 26, 2005


Years ago, before there were computers in every home, yes, there was a time long ago when that was a fact kids...I drew many anatomical drawings with my trusty ball-point pen, EXCALIBER, for my many eager and wide-eyed students. Through the years I compiled a goodly amount of these drawings from my own photos of my favorite models or reference and had them side by side in a four-inch thick binder. I simultaneously created my method of making an ecorche' so that my students could learn anatomy through 3D means using polymer clay. It's been an invaluable learning aid and fun to boot. Anywho, along enters this brilliant young man into my life. I met Yariv Newman at the cafeteria at the Art Center College of Design. He told me of magical things. Magical things created with a magic box. He took my humble little drawings, and crossfaded them as well as filming my 3D ecorche's and voila, my site became an anatomical Disneyland! Now the magic will jump to DVD form. All anatomical drawings and ecorche's will get labeled and will be available to the public for all of you waiting for more. Yariv will be busy this year(2006) at the fictitious company I call REYCO, where all employees are sweet, happy and good looking and the sun is always rising over the soft rolling hills of MonteREY Hills. We will light up the anatomical education horizon and make all of this timeless and beautiful knowledge accessible and fun to learn from. So as I lay down my quill (get off the keyboard) I bid you a good day from REYCO and the green, green grass of Monterey Hills by South Pasadena Ca. Rey Bustos, CEO (Chief Executive Osteonut)

Friday, December 23, 2005


Well,here we are at the end of 2005 and this next year will hopefully prove to be as rewarding and fulfilling as this last one has been. I hope to get to "meet" some of you via this medium in the future so don't be shy in dropping me a line. I wish you all joy and success this new year. Rey Bustos

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thanks Yariv...

Thank you for posting the statement about the show. It was the best art opening I have ever been to...I'm glad it was mine! We had a nice jazz combo playing and at one time I was handed the mic and I got the chance to talk about the importance of keeping the classical figure drawing and anatomical traditions of the past alive. I had many of my students,from the little ones shown in the picture on this blog,these kids I teach at their homes,to the "big kids" from Art Center,Cal State L.A., L,A, Academy of Figurative Art and even a few of the Disney pros that I teach were there so it was heartwarming for me to say the least. I am hoping,with Yariv's help,to have DVDs of the anatomical work that you see on my site available to all soon. Keep looking at my site for that bit of magic from the people at "REYCO". Toodle-loo, Rey

Hey all...

I was given this opportunity by my fabulous designer Yariv Newman to create a forum for any anatomy nuts such as myself and to answer any artistic anatomy questions that might arise in your studies. I could be your "Anatomy Tech". I will,as soon as I know what I'm doing, post blackboard lecture notes,etc. that might be useful or interesting at the least. Toodle-loo, Rey Bustos,....,the Boss, the Big Cheese,Top Dog, Big Kahuna....

Welcome to Rey's Web Log!

Hey all!

This is Yariv, I just setup this blog for Rey so he can openly communicate with entire world and you can see what he's up to.

Rey just finished up a show at the San Marino Gallery on decemeber 1st
" Thank you all for joining us Thursday for the opening night of Rey Bustos: Drawing in the Shadow of Rubens. The event was a huge success. It was standing room only combined with critical praise from museums and art historians, as well as about a fourth of the show selling in the course of night. Calls and commissions continue to come in, and we couldn’t be prouder of Rey.

Rey's drawings encapsulate the energy of what's best in contemporary art right now: the structural quality of old master drawing with the energy, richness and boldness of a 21st century artist. Knowing that this is his premier show and it is only up from here, astute buyers were quick to snap up his work. Priced between $750 and $1,750, Rey's artwork is accessible to anyone. At the reception his work sold to first time art collectors, investment art buyers, experienced collectors, and interior designers. Don't wait... pick your favorite drawing and acquire it before they are all spoken for.

The San Marino Gallery would like to thank all of the collectors who purchased art that night - you are a part of Rey's success.


April Game
San Marino Gallery